Bootstrap Launchpad

We started out as a bunch of mere coffee geeks with a shared appreciation for fresh cold brew coffee. Working closely with over 30 family-run Balinese farms, we designed a better way to enjoy coffee. We use only quality ingredients that go from farm to bottle, and developed a local presence in Singapore, to ensure our brews are always fresh.

Here at Bootstrap, we’ve always valued the heart and passion behind an idea or venture. Ever since the pandemic hit us, the world has not been the same. That gave us and many others the opportunity to capture the essence of what it means to Bootstrap.

As a company founded on this belief, we have always held firmly to the importance of pursuing your passion and doing it with finesse and resilience.

With the Bootstrap Launchpad, we’re looking to do exactly that. To find like-minded bootstrappers, to exhibit their passion and finesse with us.

So keep your eyes peeled in the upcoming months! You can expect a series of collaborations with artisan crafters, home bakers, local artist, sustainable products, entrepreneurs and much more!

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