20 best coffee deliveries in Singapore to get caffeinated (2020)

After Clinic Hours / June 23, 2020

This specialty coffee brew producer is not a beloved favourite on Instagram without reason – Bootstrap is run by coffee geeks who really know their coffee beans.

Working closely with family-run Balinese farms, Bootstrap brews and bottles their coffee fresh daily. The result? An ultra-smooth and refreshing brew that consistently tastes like dark chocolate malt.

For dairy-free options, they also have oat milk variations available. If you feel like you’re spoilt for choice and can’t decide, get their Bootstrap Mix Pack ($35) which comes with six bottles of cold brew in Black Coffee, Oat Milk Coffee, Strong Coffee, Milk and Manuka Honey Coffee, Rooibos Orange Tea and Hojicha Tea.

7 Best Cold Brew Delivery in Singapore

Best in Singapore / June 22, 2020

Bootstrap Beverages uses 100% Arabica coffee to deliver top-quality cold brew. You’ll be left spoiled for choice as there are 7 different cold brew varieties on the menu. Each bottle has a 250ml capacity and can be ordered in packages. If you come from a family who loves coffee, consider purchasing their 24-pack option for 10% extra savings. Furthermore, Bootstraps Beverages offers free island-wide delivery. This way, they offer quality cold brew in an affordable and accessible manner. For most of us working professionals, a cup of coffee is never far from our caffeine-dependent hands. Beyond providing a hit of energy to get us through the workday, coffee drinking has become something of a ritual for some of us.

Bootstrap Beverages: Freshly Bottled Cold Brew Subscription in Singapore / June 17, 2020

For most of us working professionals, a cup of coffee is never far from our caffeine-dependent hands. Beyond providing a hit of energy to get us through the workday, coffee drinking has become something of a ritual for some of us.

Coffee at your doorstep: Many who work from home get their caffeine fix delivered

The Straits Times / June 13, 2020

Bootstrap's Mix Pack ($35 for six bottles, includes free islandwide delivery) is a good starter kit for those new to cold-brew drinks. You get a bottle each of its High-Performance Strong Black Coffee, manuka honey coffee and signature black coffee, as well as the dairy-free oat milk coffee, orange tea and hojicha.

For Father's Day, the cold-brew coffee producer - which started in Bali in 2015 - has launched a special pack ($36) with two bottles each of its strong cold-brew coffee, manuka honey coffee and hojicha.

10 Cafes with Islandwide Cold Brew Delivery to bring the Cafe Experience Home

The Smart Local / June 5, 2020

Originating from Bali and now brewing in Singapore, Boostrap Beverages specialises in crafting the highest quality cold brews. And in a bid to sustainability and social responsibility, their 100% Arabica beans are directly sourced from local family-run farms in Indonesia.

A 6-pack of smooth black cold brews will set you back $30 – that’s $5 per bottle. Or you could get the 6-mix-pack with their 6 one-of-a-kind Bootstrap-exclusive flavours such as milk & manuka honey coffee, hõjicha tea or rooibos orange tea. The 15-hour brewed bottles can also be delivered on a subscription basis where you’ll save 5% off your order.


Nu You / June 1, 2020

你是个口味固定下来后,就不轻易改变的人?不妨尝试这里的Coffee Subscription。可选择6瓶、12瓶或24瓶的量,口味包括Cold Brew Black(保质期30天)、Cold Brew Strong(保质期30天)、Cold Brew Hojicha Tea(保质期26天)、Cold Brew Milk & Manuka Honey(保质期12天)、Cold Brew Oat Milk(保质期12天)、Cold Brew Rooibos Orange Tea(保质期21天)。
每一瓶拥有250ml容量,相等于两杯满满的咖啡,足够你挨过一整天。若想尝试不同口味,则可选择Mix Pack,每个口味来一瓶,天天都能有惊喜。

Get bottles of Cold Brew Coffee delivered to your doorstep by these 7 local cafes

SG Magazine / May 18, 2020

Specialty cold brew coffee producer brewing in both Singapore and Bali, Bootstrap Beverages uses 100 percent Arabica coffee sourced directly from family-run farms in the region. Get the richest, most flavorful coffees from these guys; not only are they offering free delivery on all orders within Singapore but also a subscription promotion which allows you to save on your first eight orders. Try the popular Bootstrap Cold Brew Milk & Manuka Honey or the Bootstrap Mix Pack if you want to try a little of everything.  

Makan First: Treats across Singapore delivered to you

The News Paper / May 14, 2020

Run by coffee geeks, this local specialty cold brew company works closely with over 30 family-run Balinese farms to brew and bottle fresh coffee daily. Coffee beans are steeped for over 15 hours in room-temperature water to produce a refreshing, ultra-smooth brew. They carry a range of strong flavoured, honeyed and creamy brews and even artisanal herbal teas. Enjoy an expertly crafted cold brew without stepping out the door with their delivery service.

Where to get cold brew coffees delivered to your doorstep

Esquire Singapore / May 12, 2020

This popular option is not prevalent on Instagram without reason. Besides an oat milk option, Bootstrap boasts zero preservatives or artificial flavours. Coffee addicts can save 25% off the first eight shipments on their subscription services and enjoy free islandwide delivery for a limited time.

Bali’s best coffee spots in Seminyak, Ubud, Canggu and Uluwatu – it’s liquid gold, baby!

Honeycombers Bali / May 4, 2020

Apparently, cold brew is the fastest-growing coffee trend in the world, which suits us just fine considering Bali’s balmy climate. And there’s one island brewer that’s been one step ahead of the rest, because Bootstrap began brewing quality cold brew coffee in Bali back in 2014, and it’s so good, it’s now bottled up and sold to other top spots across the island – including Singapore, too. Using Kintamani Single Origin Arabica beans, the cold-brewed result is a low-acid, high-caffeine coffee that’s both smooth and refreshing. Not only that, it’s sugar-free, dairy-free, healthy and organic – because this is Canggu after all.

Get coffee delivered to your door from these cafés and online stores

TimeOut / May 3, 2020

Cold brew coffee is preferred by many for its less acidic profile compared to brews extracted by hot water. With the acid levels reduced, the resulting coffee is gentler on the stomach and teeth. Cold-brew experts Bootstrap Beverages has been brewing cold brew variants since 2015, and you can fuel up on its extensive range – from classic black brews to those with coconut and oat milk.


Harper's Bazaar Singapore / December 9, 2019

Help kickstart this day with this assortment of cold brew coffee.

Bootstrap Assorted 6 Pack, $35 SGD

10 food trends that are set to take off in Singapore in 2020

Jetstar / November, 2019

Jasper Jek, Co-founder of Super Simpleopens in new window

“We’ve noticed a growing number of cold brew coffee brands collaborating with others to come up with new products, and I believe 2020 will be a huge year for this trend. For instance, Bootstrap Coffee opens in new windowfrom Bali worked with [local craft beer company] The 1925 Brewing Co. opens in new windowto develop a cold brew coffee beer.”

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