Recycling at Bootstrap

We’ve known from the beginning that sustainability is a team effort - a culmination of little decisions that contribute to the whole. So we’ve made choices along the way to contribute towards a more sustainable future.

One of those decisions is glass. Our glass bottles are pretty. But we decided to use glass for more than just how it looks.


We chose to use glass bottles to serve up our cold brews because they are recyclable and are great for sealing in the flavor of our coffees that we’ve steeped for hours. Glass is a more inert material than aluminum or plastic which greatly reduces any opportunity for our coffee to interact with the packaging which can result in changes in taste.


It’s easy to recycle your Bootstrap bottles – all you need to do is hand the whole lot over to our delivery agents on your next order. Alternatively, you can accumulate them, then drop them off at our bottle recycling point sited at the entrance of our microbrewery.


Here's some frequently asked questions from our community:


Q: Should I rinse the bottles?
A: We don’t require you to do so, but we would be glad if you did :D


Q: Caps on or caps off?
A: On!


Q: How should I pass the bottles back to your delivery agent?
A: You would have received your cold brews in either a bio-degradable bag or a cooler bag (Subscribers only).

Simply place the empty bottles back in the bag and hand it back to our delivery agent. You can also leave it at your doorstep on the day of your next cold brew delivery and our agents will pick it up.


Q: What happens to the bottles that are returned?
A:The bottles that are collected are first inspected for any visible defects or chips. Those that are suitable undergo a sterilization process in-house before we reintroduce the bottles back into our bottling cycle. The rest are sent to a NEA licensed glass recycling facility which breaks down the glass and repurposes the material into new glass bottles.


Have more questions about our recycling efforts?

Talk to us via our website live chat on your screen’s bottom right corner.