Pineapple Tart And Cold Brew CNY Gift Set

Pineapple Tart And Cold Brew CNY Gift Set

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[Limited Release - Only available from 14 January  to 11 February]

Celebrate the year of the Tiger with our Pineapple Tart And Cold Brew CNY Festive Gift Set.  Each set comes with a box of Shangri-La's signature pineapple tarts and Bootstrap's cold brews. Known for their ingot-shaped signature pineapple tarts, each tart is made from a buttery crust and filled with a generous serving of homemade pineapple jam. A perfect gift for your loved ones!

Each Set Includes:
1 x Shangri-La’s Signature Pineapple Tarts - Original * (16 pcs per box)
3 x Bootstrap’s Strong cold brews
3 x Bootstrap’s Hojicha cold brews

* Pineapple Tarts contain dairy and eggs.

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