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Made from superb cotton material, Bootstrap's "Rocket Fuel for the Mind" Tee is more than just a Tee. It's about transforming lives with conscious decisions that are made daily. This Christmas, Bootstrap will be collaborating with Fei Yue Community Services to support the local community, especially those affected badly by the Covid pandemic.


We will be contributing the proceeds from the sale of this product to the cause at Fei Yue Community Services, effecting life transformation through the provision of quality social services.


Find out more about what Fei Yue Community Services does here!

Details & Size

"Take on the World" - White Tee

"Rocket Fuel for the Mind" - Navy Blue Tee

Shoulder Chest Sleeve Length
Small 16" 38" 8" 27"
Medium 17" 40" 8.5" 28"
Large 18" 42" 9" 29"

Care For Your Tee

Made out of 100% Cotton, uni-sex fitting and soft to the touch. Our Bootstrap Tee is also eco-dyed in our efforts to save the earth!


How do I wash my Tee?

  • Hand washing or machine wash is absolutely fine. However, only do so in low (lukewarm) temperatures, using light detergent, in a low-spin or gentle setting.
  • Washing in high temperatures will unnecessarily shrink your Tee!

How do I dry my Tee?

  • Best way to dry it is to take them out of your wash still damp and air dry by hanging or laying flat
  • Avoid tumble drying to prevent unnecessary shrinkage and colour fading

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