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Who We Are

We are a specialty cold brew coffee producer in Singapore and in Bali, brewing change to our coffee farmers in Bali and our partners. Made out of 100% Arabica beans straight from our family-run farms in Bali Kintamani. High quality cold brew coffee, sourced and produced sustainably. We cold brew and bottle our coffee in our AVA-licensed brewery right here in Singapore.

Our Difference

Bootstrap places high value in using all natural ingredients and in providing a healthy beverage to Singaporeans. All our products use all-natural ingredients and our cold brew process results in a less acidic coffee which is a lot better for the teeth and the gut.

Because of the lower acidity of the coffee, the coffee is also naturally sweet without a need to add any additional sweeteners.

Our Impact

Here at Bootstrap, we asked ourselves a daring question - what if we could take our great tasting fresh coffee and use it to do so much more?

Our mission is to develop long-term economic, environmental, and social sustainability through compassionate leadership throughout the coffee supply chain.

We believe with every bottle Bootstrap Cold Brew Coffee, we are making a difference and we want your help!